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Articles tagged with "Stress & time management"

Improving working lives for doctors - part two

In the second part of our interview, Professor Cary Cooper answers questions on job satisfaction for doctors and how to reduce the causes of stress.

Medical Family Survival Skills

What makes a medical family unique? What pressures do they face? Professor Ruth Chambers looks at some of the tips and survival skills that would help today's medical families.

Stress: What can you do about it?

What makes a doctor stressed and what can he or she do about it?

Time Management - The five mistakes doctors make

Dr Susan Kersley uncovers the five biggest mistakes doctors make in relation to time management


Chances are that one of your motivations to become a doctor was to enjoy helping others, but are there rewarding, structured and not too demanding ways to do this outside of your daily duties too?

Managing stress as a doctor

Dr Michael Peters, Medical Director of the Doctors for Doctors Unit at the BMA, explores how doctors experience stress, recognising the signs of burnout and talks about how to effectively manage stress.

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