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Articles tagged with "Depression and anxiety"

Psychiatrists Support Service, Royal College of Psychiatrists

What is the PSS, where is it based and how can it help?

Stress: What can you do about it?

What makes a doctor stressed and what can he or she do about it?

Is work good for your patients' mental health?

Dr Alan Cohen, National Primary Care Advisor IAPT, Director of Primary Care, West London Mental Health Trust, and former Senior Fellow at the Sainsbury Centre for Mental Health, looks at the relationship between work and mental health.

Managing stress as a doctor

Dr Michael Peters, Medical Director of the Doctors for Doctors Unit at the BMA, explores how doctors experience stress, recognising the signs of burnout and talks about how to effectively manage stress.

Confidential Support and Advice for Surgeons (CSAS)

Clare Wynn-Mackenzie describes the service from the Royal College of Surgeon's of England.

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