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Articles tagged with "Junior doctor"

Careers Advice: Ways to choose your specialty

Here we will look at two different approaches which can be helpful when deciding which specialty is best for you.

Guide to setting up a Self-Directed Learning Group

Don't know where to start? This handy guide explains all the practicalities involved in setting up a learning group of your own. From venues to food, keeping people motivated to paying speakers - you should find most of your questions answered here. Don't forget to download our checklist, too!

Checklist for setting up an SDLG

A handy checklist of things to think about when setting up your own Self Directed Learning Group (SDLG). You may find it useful to print this off to take it with you to meetings or when looking for a venue.

Careers Advice: Choosing your specialty

We explain where you can find the information you need on: careers in the different medical specialties, what it is like to work in them, the entry requirements and CV and interview advice.

Careers Advice: Navigating Competency Based Questions

Laura Brammar of C2 Careers explains how to tackle some of the tricky aspects of recruitment and applications, from common mistakes to techniques to help when applying for posts.

Careers Advice: How to choose the best speciality for you

Laura Brammar is a Medical Careers Adviser who works with C2 Careers, The Careers Group, University of London and University College, London. In this article, she explores how to understand your own motivations and preferences, to help you with this important decision.

Career Profile: working as a locum GP

Dr Richard Fieldhouse, Chairman of NASGP (National Association of Sessional GPs), explores the practicalities - and the pros and cons - of working as a locum GP.

Medical relief work overseas

Are you serious about medical relief work - and ideally two to three years post-qualification with some experience of working overseas? The specialist aid charity Merlin might be one option. We interviewed a doctor who's been with them for over ten years.

Life Coaching for GPs

Dr Jo Leahy, life coach and former GP Principal, explains how life coaching can help with recruitment, retention and development.

Career Profile: medical management

Dr Graham Rich is the Project Director and former Chief Executive, University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust. In our interview, he talks about his experiences whilst he was Chief Executive of the Trust.

Finance case study: recently qualified doctors

Jeff Brown, Money Advisor, looks at a case study of two recently qualified doctors, with combined debts of £43,000, to see what his advice would be.

Medically-related jobs outside the NHS - overseas

Exploring the options for doctors' careers overseas and links to further information and organisations that can help.

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