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Articles tagged with "Factsheets"

Checklist for setting up an SDLG

A handy checklist of things to think about when setting up your own Self Directed Learning Group (SDLG). You may find it useful to print this off to take it with you to meetings or when looking for a venue.

Careers Advice: Choosing your specialty

We explain where you can find the information you need on: careers in the different medical specialties, what it is like to work in them, the entry requirements and CV and interview advice.

The British Doctors and Dentists Group

What is the BDDG and how can they help doctors with alcohol dependency and other substance abuse?

Social media explained

Tweeting, linking up, following friends... What are the popular social media websites and how do they actually work?

Alternative careers: financial services

Looking for a change of career? This article explores a career in the financial services.

Mental health - barriers to doctors' own care

The Department of Health has sought to address the needs of doctors with mental illness in its 2008 report, highlighting how the NHS can improve to better manage mental ill health in doctors.

Critical illness cover explained

David Sawers, Deputy Editor at Health Insurance and Protection, explores critical illlness cover, in this factsheet

Why do you need financial protection?

This factsheet explains the different types of financial protection - from critical illness to income protection, and the reasons why you should check that you are covered.

Income protection explained

In the latest in our series of insurance factsheets, David Sawers, Deputy Editor at Health Insurance and Protection, explains the ins and outs of protecting your income - and why it is so important.

Life insurance explained

Life insurance offers financial protection in the event of your early death if you have family dependent on your earnings. Find out more in the latest in our series of insurance factsheets

Medically-related jobs outside the NHS - overseas

Exploring the options for doctors' careers overseas and links to further information and organisations that can help.

Medically-related jobs outside the NHS

If you'd like to use your medical qualifications and experience to work outside the NHS, here are some of the options, both in the UK and overseas.

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