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Careers Advice: Ways to choose your specialty

Here we will look at two different approaches which can be helpful when deciding which specialty is best for you.

Psychiatrists Support Service, Royal College of Psychiatrists

What is the PSS, where is it based and how can it help?

Sessional GPs: the medico-legal risks

Sara Williams, writer & editor at the Medical Protection Society, explores some of the medico-legal risks that may be faced by sessional GPs and suggests some preventative measures.

Guide to setting up a Self-Directed Learning Group

Don't know where to start? This handy guide explains all the practicalities involved in setting up a learning group of your own. From venues to food, keeping people motivated to paying speakers - you should find most of your questions answered here. Don't forget to download our checklist, too!

Refugee Doctors

What help is available for refugee doctors looking to practice medicine in the UK? Jo Attwooll of the BMA's International Department provides an overview.

Careers Advice: Navigating Competency Based Questions

Laura Brammar of C2 Careers explains how to tackle some of the tricky aspects of recruitment and applications, from common mistakes to techniques to help when applying for posts.

Careers Advice: How to choose the best speciality for you

Laura Brammar is a Medical Careers Adviser who works with C2 Careers, The Careers Group, University of London and University College, London. In this article, she explores how to understand your own motivations and preferences, to help you with this important decision.

Stress: What can you do about it?

What makes a doctor stressed and what can he or she do about it?

Is work good for your patients' mental health?

Dr Alan Cohen, National Primary Care Advisor IAPT, Director of Primary Care, West London Mental Health Trust, and former Senior Fellow at the Sainsbury Centre for Mental Health, looks at the relationship between work and mental health.

Fixed Share Partnerships: An Alternative to the BMA Model Terms?

A fixed share partnership has been proposed in the medical press as a legal alternative to a practice having to offer a salaried GP the BMA Model Contract terms. Is it really a simple alternative, or are there other important considerations involved in the decision?

Career Profile: complementary medicine

Looking for an alternative career? This article explores in the ins and outs of a career in complementary medicine.

Moving - to buy or rent?

Moving again! Should you continue to rent, or look to purchase or even start a buy-to-let property portfolio? The choice is yours.

Complementary Medicine

Prof Edzard Ernst, author of the Oxford Handbook of Complementary Medicine, and a leading researcher with his team at the Peninsula Medical School, introduces a few essentials.

Time Management - The five mistakes doctors make

Dr Susan Kersley uncovers the five biggest mistakes doctors make in relation to time management


Chances are that one of your motivations to become a doctor was to enjoy helping others, but are there rewarding, structured and not too demanding ways to do this outside of your daily duties too?

Alternative careers: becoming a solicitor

If you don't mind starting studying all over again in a new discipline then becoming a solicitor can offer professional and financial rewards. However, the Law Society advises competition is fierce in many areas of law, so don't assume this will be any easier than MTAS.

Alternative careers: becoming a barrister

Barristers are the stars of the legal world. Whether appearing for the prosecution or the defence their court appearances mean they are the most visible part of the legal profession and it is from the ranks of barristers that judges are chosen.

Career Profile: medical journalism

We look at some of the ways you can enter a career in medical journalism as well as some top tips from the professionals

Careers Advice: considering a career change?

If you are thinking about a possible career change, there are five key areas to consider. Rob Nathan, MD of Career Counselling Services, explains his five golden rules for those thinking of changing career.

Careers Advice: applications and interviews for careers outside medicine

Having decided on a potential new career, how do you persuade your prospective employer you are the person they are looking for? Michael Baber, CEO of the RMBF, offers some practical advice.

Managing stress as a doctor

Dr Michael Peters, Medical Director of the Doctors for Doctors Unit at the BMA, explores how doctors experience stress, recognising the signs of burnout and talks about how to effectively manage stress.

Losing money on income protection?

Steve Benjamin of financial advisers Hampton Dean gives his advice on what to do if you're losing money on your income protection insurance.

Children at Medical School?

Laura SeQueira of the National Association of Student Money Advisers offers some useful advice for medical students (and their parents) facing increasing financial pressures.

Tips for doctors in financial difficulty

If you are experiencing financial difficulties, this article contains several tips for helping to manage money - or to help with mounting debt.

Whistleblowing - Sessional GPs

Sara Williams, Editor at MPS, talks through some of the issues for Sessional GPs if they encounter a cause for concern in the workplace

What happens to doctors when they become addicted?

Understanding the effects of addiction on doctors and their relationships with loved ones and colleagues.

The importance of Self-Directed Learning Groups

A new article from the Royal Medical Benevolent Fund on how Self-Directed Learning Groups can combat Sessional GP isolation has been published in the new issue of Sessional GP magazine

Risks of working in an out-of-hours setting

Advice on how to avoid pitfalls and complaints when working in an OOH setting.

Having a baby as a Junior Doctor

JuniorDr’s Fareeha Amber Sadiq, invites you to consider some ideas and strategies for planning a family whilst coping with the practicalities of working as a junior doctor.

Learning to Lead – From junior doctor to consultant

Many of the challenges facing new consultants in the emerging NHS lie in the realm of leadership and yet junior doctors often report feeling unprepared to lead. The time when the sole function of a doctor was to provide clinical care has passed.

Preparing for Revalidation - Purpose and power for locum doctors

For locum doctors who are not in a full-time permanent position and are working in a multitude of settings, there can be a level of uncertainty when it comes to preparing for revalidation. and the compulsory annual appraisal process.

Mental Health Issues Among Doctors

Dr Patrice Baptiste highlights how mental health is not often discussed among medical professionals and how even today, mental health conditions have a high level of stigma attached to them which can prevent doctors from seeking help.

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