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Articles tagged with "Case Studies"

Case Study: VSO work - returning to the UK

Dr Jamie Rylance shares the many ways in which a stint for Voluntary Services Overseas has brought him great benefit.

Career Profile: medical management

Dr Graham Rich is the Project Director and former Chief Executive, University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust. In our interview, he talks about his experiences whilst he was Chief Executive of the Trust.

Alternative careers: management consultancy

Dr Katie Abouzahr left medicine for a career in management consulting. Here she talks to us about her new profession and the pros and cons of a career outside medicine.

Doctors as patients: case study - cancer

Dr Sarah Burnett tells of being both doctor and patient - a personal reflection on her experience of breast cancer.

Finance case study: recently qualified doctors

Jeff Brown, Money Advisor, looks at a case study of two recently qualified doctors, with combined debts of £43,000, to see what his advice would be.

What happens to doctors when they become addicted?

Understanding the effects of addiction on doctors and their relationships with loved ones and colleagues.

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