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Articles tagged with "finance"

Career Profile: working as a locum GP

Dr Richard Fieldhouse, Chairman of NASGP (National Association of Sessional GPs), explores the practicalities - and the pros and cons - of working as a locum GP.

Alternative careers: financial services

Looking for a change of career? This article explores a career in the financial services.

Losing money on income protection?

Steve Benjamin of financial advisers Hampton Dean gives his advice on what to do if you're losing money on your income protection insurance.

Children at Medical School?

Laura SeQueira of the National Association of Student Money Advisers offers some useful advice for medical students (and their parents) facing increasing financial pressures.

Why do you need financial protection?

This factsheet explains the different types of financial protection - from critical illness to income protection, and the reasons why you should check that you are covered.

Income protection explained

In the latest in our series of insurance factsheets, David Sawers, Deputy Editor at Health Insurance and Protection, explains the ins and outs of protecting your income - and why it is so important.

Tips for doctors in financial difficulty

If you are experiencing financial difficulties, this article contains several tips for helping to manage money - or to help with mounting debt.

Life insurance explained

Life insurance offers financial protection in the event of your early death if you have family dependent on your earnings. Find out more in the latest in our series of insurance factsheets

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