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Articles tagged with "alternative career"

Careers Advice: Thinking of changing career? Part one

In part one of our interview, Sonia Hutton-Taylor, founder of Medical Forum, talks through some of the ways in which she helps doctors through a period of transition

Careers Advice: alternative careers

Dr Anita Houghton explores the practical ways that personality and work/life balance are important factors in considering career direction.

Alternative Careers: media medic

Interview with Dr Carol Cooper, Five News resident doctor and The Sun newspaper's doctor

Alternative careers: becoming a solicitor

If you don't mind starting studying all over again in a new discipline then becoming a solicitor can offer professional and financial rewards. However, the Law Society advises competition is fierce in many areas of law, so don't assume this will be any easier than MTAS.

Alternative careers: becoming a barrister

Barristers are the stars of the legal world. Whether appearing for the prosecution or the defence their court appearances mean they are the most visible part of the legal profession and it is from the ranks of barristers that judges are chosen.

Career Profile: medical journalism

We look at some of the ways you can enter a career in medical journalism as well as some top tips from the professionals

Alternative careers: management consultancy

Dr Katie Abouzahr left medicine for a career in management consulting. Here she talks to us about her new profession and the pros and cons of a career outside medicine.

Alternative careers: financial services

Looking for a change of career? This article explores a career in the financial services.

Careers Advice: considering a career change?

If you are thinking about a possible career change, there are five key areas to consider. Rob Nathan, MD of Career Counselling Services, explains his five golden rules for those thinking of changing career.

Careers Advice: applications and interviews for careers outside medicine

Having decided on a potential new career, how do you persuade your prospective employer you are the person they are looking for? Michael Baber, CEO of the RMBF, offers some practical advice.

Careers Advice: alternative careers

The first of Dr Anita Houghton's interviews looks at the special considerations of being in the medical profession - for doctors thinking about a change of direction (inside or outside medicine).

Medically-related jobs outside the NHS - overseas

Exploring the options for doctors' careers overseas and links to further information and organisations that can help.

Medically-related jobs outside the NHS

If you'd like to use your medical qualifications and experience to work outside the NHS, here are some of the options, both in the UK and overseas.

Your career in transition?

'I haven't found my niche', 'I went into medicine because my family wanted me to, but I don't really enjoy it', 'I've been considering a change in career'... If any of these statements strike a chord, what are your options?

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