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ID Medical

Who they help

ID Medical supports all doctors of all specialities across the UK (and internationally) throughout their career. The multi-discipline healthcare recruiter creates personal relationships with every doctor to help them find the perfect career solutions that meet their individual needs and circumstances.

Type of help provided

ID Medical, though a healthcare recruiter, offers unique support to doctors including recruitment and career advice at every level, access to membership with The Royal Society of Medicine and medical English courses to help with career development. ID Medical's Road Team travels the breadth of the country to visit doctors in their homes, or a convenient setting, to discuss career requirements and support required regarding paperwork. These types of one-to-one meetings ensure every doctor receives the personal level of support they deserve.

How help is provided and by whom

ID Medical has a 300+ workforce, with consultants providing one-to-one support for their doctors. With a 24/7, 365 day presence, doctors can contact their consultant at any time for any support regarding their career, job opportunities and anything related. Consultants also offer with travel planning and accommodation to and from their places of work. When a doctor contacts ID Medical for the first time, they are automatically designated a dedicated consultant who will take full responsibility for ensuring they are looked after and supported from day one. In addition to face-to-face visits, ID Medical's Road Team visitors, doctors can contact their consultant any time via phone or email, though the consultant will continuously 'check in' with the doctor to ensure their career requirements are met and they are content within their role. All doctor information is kept 100% confidential.

Times that help is provided

As the NHS operates 24/7, 365 days, so too does ID Medical with consultants on-call to take any calls at any time.



ID House,
1 Mill Square,
Wolverton Mill South,
Milton Keynes,
MK12 5ZD


0845 130 9331


0845 130 9335


Geographical coverage

Nationwide coverage - ID Medical holds valued supplier contracts with over 90% NHS Trusts nationwide, ensuring doctors are presented with the best opportunities to further their career, with roles that best suit their aspirations and personal circumstances.


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