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Continuing professional development (CPD)


Preparing for Revalidation - Purpose and power for locum doctors

For locum doctors who are not in a full-time permanent position and are working in a multitude of settings, there can be a level of uncertainty when it comes to preparing for revalidation. and the compulsory annual appraisal process.

Learning to Lead – From junior doctor to consultant

Many of the challenges facing new consultants in the emerging NHS lie in the realm of leadership and yet junior doctors often report feeling unprepared to lead. The time when the sole function of a doctor was to provide clinical care has passed.


Chances are that one of your motivations to become a doctor was to enjoy helping others, but are there rewarding, structured and not too demanding ways to do this outside of your daily duties too?

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Coaching - helping doctors with professional and personal decisions

Interview with Kathleen Sullivan, On Call Coaching

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