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Recruitment, interviews and applications


Careers Advice: applications and interviews for careers outside medicine

Having decided on a potential new career, how do you persuade your prospective employer you are the person they are looking for? Michael Baber, CEO of the RMBF, offers some practical advice.

Careers Advice: Navigating Competency Based Questions

Laura Brammar of C2 Careers explains how to tackle some of the tricky aspects of recruitment and applications, from common mistakes to techniques to help when applying for posts.

Careers Advice: Ways to choose your specialty

Here we will look at two different approaches which can be helpful when deciding which specialty is best for you.

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Medically-related jobs outside the NHS - overseas

Exploring the options for doctors' careers overseas and links to further information and organisations that can help.

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Careers Advice: Thinking of changing career? Part two

In the second part of our interview, Sonia Hutton-Taylor, founder of Medical Forum, talks psychommetric tests and advice for doctors making a career change

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