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Careers - starting a career in medicine


Careers Advice: Navigating Competency Based Questions

Laura Brammar of C2 Careers explains how to tackle some of the tricky aspects of recruitment and applications, from common mistakes to techniques to help when applying for posts.

Careers Advice: How to choose the best speciality for you

Laura Brammar is a Medical Careers Adviser who works with C2 Careers, The Careers Group, University of London and University College, London. In this article, she explores how to understand your own motivations and preferences, to help you with this important decision.

Careers Advice: Ways to choose your specialty

Here we will look at two different approaches which can be helpful when deciding which specialty is best for you.

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Careers Advice: Choosing your specialty

We explain where you can find the information you need on: careers in the different medical specialties, what it is like to work in them, the entry requirements and CV and interview advice.

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Careers Advice: alternative careers

Dr Anita Houghton explores the practical ways that personality and work/life balance are important factors in considering career direction.

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