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Health & safety & contractual issues


Whistleblowing - Sessional GPs

Sara Williams, Editor at MPS, talks through some of the issues for Sessional GPs if they encounter a cause for concern in the workplace

Fixed Share Partnerships: An Alternative to the BMA Model Terms?

A fixed share partnership has been proposed in the medical press as a legal alternative to a practice having to offer a salaried GP the BMA Model Contract terms. Is it really a simple alternative, or are there other important considerations involved in the decision?

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Might Chambers be a way forward for locum GPs?

NASGP's Dr Richard Fieldhouse argues the case for a new model for locum GPs.

Career Profile: working as a locum GP

Dr Richard Fieldhouse, Chairman of NASGP (National Association of Sessional GPs), explores the practicalities - and the pros and cons - of working as a locum GP.

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