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Careers - career in transition/uncertainty


Alternative careers: becoming a solicitor

If you don't mind starting studying all over again in a new discipline then becoming a solicitor can offer professional and financial rewards. However, the Law Society advises competition is fierce in many areas of law, so don't assume this will be any easier than MTAS.

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Case Studies

Alternative careers: management consultancy

Dr Katie Abouzahr left medicine for a career in management consulting. Here she talks to us about her new profession and the pros and cons of a career outside medicine.

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Medically-related jobs outside the NHS - overseas

Exploring the options for doctors' careers overseas and links to further information and organisations that can help.

Medically-related jobs outside the NHS

If you'd like to use your medical qualifications and experience to work outside the NHS, here are some of the options, both in the UK and overseas.

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Confidential Support and Advice for Surgeons (CSAS)

Clare Wynn-Mackenzie describes the service from the Royal College of Surgeon's of England.

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